Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

A bit late to the party…

So its come to my attention that I haven’t updated my website in a while! Argh! Needless to say things have been flat tack busy lately, so I’ll put it out there and say I’m gonna post an update THIS WEEKEND! A TINY bit of downtime before a very hectic week kicks off next week. ANNNDDDD I’m also aware that my showreel needs updating…again, the last thing on the list to do! Lol!

Hang in there….bwahaha. 


So as you may have seen, I’ve popped my showreel on the site. This is my first showreel ever, lol, and has been long overdue. It’s very much a work in progress, so I’ll be adding updated work to it over the next week or so. AND updating the intro graphics….more to come…

Elizabeth Arden…

For a few years now, I’ve been the New Zealand contact for all moving imagery content for international make up brand Elizabeth Arden. 

I hear you saying ‘what does that mean…!?’

All of the content is produced by the Elizabeth Arden production team, located in New York. The content is produced in NTSC, as with most content in USA. New Zealand is of course PAL, so the TVC’s and content need to be re-propositioned for New Zealand television. This involves conversion from 24fps to 25fps. Then, the audio is usually out of line with New Zealand TVC delivery specifications, so converting and legalising the audio to -24dbs. 

Elizabeth Arden also require a new end frame as well, so I pull the TVC apart, and re-animate the end frame graphics with supplied assets and also add in an updated voiceover as well. 

All in all, it takes a couple of days to turn around from supply of the assets, re-edit,re-proposition, animate a new end frame, update voiceover and audio, send off to client for approval, TVCAB approval and digital delivery VIA adstream to the networks. Whew! 


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