Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Been busy…again…

SO here we are. Its been a super busy past few months, and I’ve had a load of great projects on the go. 

Wrapping a few things up right now but here’s a quick list of things that are about to be released. 

- Te Hononga - A series on the ‘urban drift’ of different iwi from rural areas to Auckland. I was brought on as DOP/Editor, and this series is being produced for radio Waatea/Auckland city council. 

- Soft Skills - You’ve got them - A series for the ministry of education about some everyday skills that young teens are using, that are super valuable to potential employers. I was brought on as the director & editor.

- Shimano X Nelson MTB Club - a couple of videos produced for NZ MTB magazine, on a recent trip to Nelson featuring the new group set from Shimano. DOP/Director/Edit

There’s a few others on the go too, but more about that soon, as well as a BIG announcement. 

As usual I’ll be sure to post everything when they’re done! 

A bit late to the party…

So its come to my attention that I haven’t updated my website in a while! Argh! Needless to say things have been flat tack busy lately, so I’ll put it out there and say I’m gonna post an update THIS WEEKEND! A TINY bit of downtime before a very hectic week kicks off next week. ANNNDDDD I’m also aware that my showreel needs updating…again, the last thing on the list to do! Lol!

Hang in there….bwahaha. 


So as you may have seen, I’ve popped my showreel on the site. This is my first showreel ever, lol, and has been long overdue. It’s very much a work in progress, so I’ll be adding updated work to it over the next week or so. AND updating the intro graphics….more to come…

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