Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Post Production…

So after a bunch of moving, getting rid of things, and a big office clean out, I’ve finally moved offices. Its a long winded and boring story, but a while ago my landlord ended up leasing the office in front of mine, and it happened that the business wanted the entire office space, including mine! After some negotiation, I agreed to move, and have finally found a new blacked out office up the road, with some Architect friends, Pavalion Architecture. I got rid of ALOT of old clutter, so we’re all up and running…and already have a few big jobs under the belt. To fill you in a bit more, I trained as an editor at film school, and have edited ever since. TVC’s, TV shows, short form content, long form content, documentaries, corporate, sports, live TV, you name it, chances are I have edited it. All set up and ready to go for anything and everything. 

HD, 4K, 6K, 8K, Souped up mac pro running AVID, Premiere, FCP, Photoshop, After Effects, Resolve, 4K grade/edit monitor, 3 X Apple 30” monitors, 2 servers with hot-swapable 8TB of storage between them (16TB total storage) HD client TV,  comfy couch, and a Red Bull fridge, (Stocked with Red Bull of course) complete with beer/water. Any post productions needs, just yell out. No job is too big or to small. Whew. 

Helping Hands…

Here’s a quick lil promotional video I shot/directed/edited/animated for the guys over at Helping Hands. From the outset, it was decided that the video was to be an ‘old school dating VHS’ style video, so I shot on my green screen set up at the creative directors house, and Eli Matheson (Upcoming NZ comedian) did some really great improv that made it into the final cut. Shot at 4K on the RED, and used the 4K to punch in on some of the close up shots. I used RED GIANT UNIVERSE 2 in post for the VFX. Cut in premiere and the FX plates were done in after effects. All in all a really fun project to shoot and edit, and it was shot, cut, and audio mixed and out online within a week. 

Couple of quick updates…

Just popped a couple of new videos on my ‘Work’ page, a few from March this year, for Crankworx Rotorua 2017. I produced and shot all the moving imagery for Red Bull NZ, it was a tight turnaround with the clips needing to be turned around the same day as competition. I shot on my RED, and Dan from Reel Factory was my second camera, shooting on RED, FS7, and Phantom. There was ALOT of footage everyday, (2TB plus per day!) but I had a suite set up at our accommodation so I would get stuck into it as soon as we walked in the door at the end of each day. I cut in premiere, and to save time, edited directly from all the RAW R3D files. We were consistently the first to put content out from the event everyday, and it was all really well received so all in all a raging success. 

I recently finished this video up for my friends at Cure Kids. They help thousands of kids not only in NZ but around the globe, but they need your help! All this research costs money, so they need you to put your hand in your pocket and donate that 2 dollar coin, or 10 dollar note. Anything is appreciated. Jump onto their website for more: www.curekids.org.nz

Shot all the interviews on my RED at 4K, so I could punch into some close ups if needed. Edited in premiere and GFX done in After Effects. 

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