Haimona Ngata
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Been meaning to throw this out there for a while, but I now own/operate a full size DJI Ronin Gimball Stabiliser system. It’s all weighted up for my RED, for those ultra smooth and silky tracking shots. It’s avaliable for rent with myself and my RED, or as a dry hire. Flick me an email for more details if you’re interested. I’ll post a few videos of some projects that I’ve used the ronin on soon! 

New Offices…

I moved office last week, into a new space not too far from the old one. Still based in central Devonport though, which is great. Also updated a few bits and pieces of hardware as of late, so more than ready to take on any and all post production jobs that come up. Upgraded CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM, GB’s, TB’s and the beer fridge is always well stocked. Will post some more pictures of the new digs soon! 

Time for an Update!

Where does time go, one minute it’s Monday, the next, It’s Friday! Very confusing. 

I’ve had a whole bunch of super interesting jobs on the go. The first being a behind the scenes of ‘TEAM BALL PLAYER THING!’ a national anthem campaign featuring a whole bunch of famous New Zealand musicians (Lorde, SixSixty, Jon Toogood, Broods, and Peter Jackson, to name a few) showing their support for the All Blacks on their pursuit of the rugby world cup 2015! (EDIT: We won) The whole reason for the campaign was to raise money for cure kids, more so, to fund the research into battons disease, which affects around 1 in 20 kids across New Zealand. It was an amazing success, and there was a music video produced for the single, which was very very popular. I was asked to come along and capture a bit of B-Roll and cut a BTS together. Featuring Director Taika Waititi, and a whole bunch of All Blacks and cure kids ambassadors, the entire shoot was a complete laugh. Everyone had a great time, and the final video was a national success! Ka Pai!

I Shot/Edited the behind the scenes, shot on RED, cut in FCP, onlined in DaVinci Resolve. 

Check the behind the scenes below, and view the full video here! 

Next up, a creative I finished up for ANZ - Dream Big campaign, where they chose beaten up rugby clubs across New Zealand, and renovated them, much to the surprise of club members! This one was close to my heart, as they renovated the rugby clubs at my hometown of Tolaga Bay. 

I Directed/Shot/Edited the entire piece, (Some cutaway footage supplied) Shot on RED, cut in FCP, onlined in DaVinci resolve. 

And finally, a lil creative that I finished up for the guys over at Commotion (Production Company), for Westpac. This was a really special project to work on, as it featured some of their Gay and Lesbian employees coming to terms with the acceptance that they were gay, and the struggles that they had with telling their friends and family. Westpac has been given the ‘Rainbow Tick’ to show that it’s an all inclusive workplace for their employees to feel like they can be themselves at work, which is pretty darn awesome! 

I handled all the post-production, so all interviews cut in AVID, and graded in DaVinci Resolve. 

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