Haimona Ngata
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Ventouro Cycling…

Bit late on this one, but here’s a vid I shot for my buds over at Ventouro Cycling early last year. Really fun weekend away in the Hawkes Bay shooting a small group of riders enjoy some of the great rides on offer in Hawkes Bay. The budget wasn’t massive, so wanted to keep this one a lil ‘rough’ looking, to keep in the pace of the cycling, so went mostly hand held on the RED, all in all it was really fun. 

Back….and alive…sort of…..

Whew, it’s been a HECTIC Jan/Feb 2016. I recently returned from a chaotic tour of New Zealand, with Red Bull. Basically, they flew a few good friends of mine (BMX riders) into New Zealand to hit a couple of contests, but more so, to ride some bowls and trails across the country. Luckily, we flew to most of the locations, but with 4 riders, one filmer, 2 photographers, 2 drivers, things got a bit crazy! 

All in all, it was a great time, and I’m now in post production, cutting in AVID and onlining in DaVinci Resolve, pumping out a 4 part series from our adventures. I shot ALMOST all of the series on my RED, with the DJI Ronin thrown in here and there for some smooth tracking shots, and had the drone up and about too, but I had a few ideas buzzing around in my head pre-shoot, so I ordered a bunch of Super 8 film, and shot quite a bit on that. So, so stoked to shoot film, and I’ve gotten a few rolls back from being developed and it looks epic. It’ll be quite a contrast between the rich RED footage, and the grainy Super 8. I’ll be sure to post more soon, but this is what 2 weeks on the road looks like. RED kit, DJI Ronin kit, Drone, Sticks, Lenses, Computers, and clothes. Arggghhh! Thanks AIRNZ for being good buggers! hahahah! 

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