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Vodafone Warriors X Red Bull

This one has been in the pipeline for a little while, but had to be kept hush hush because of can release timings. Red Bull have been aligned with the Vodafone Warriors for a few years now, as a third tier partner. That means, in the background, not a logo on a shirt, or a billboard at the grounds, a silent partner if you will. They have some presence when it comes to game day, but it’s not overly branded, or too saturated. Anyways, I was brought onboard to produce all the video imagery that was to go along with the can release. I really wanted to try and capture a little bit more information about some of the key players, something a bit different to their normal, standard press interviews or promotional responsibilities. Luckily they were all very talkative, and the Artist, Dave Burke, also had some very interesting things to say. The brief was left pretty open, so I shot everything on my RED Scarlet, and brought in a RED Dragon for second angle and some slow mo cutaways. I decided to de-construct the can artwork and animate it slightly while the artist was talking about it, to create something a bit different than just some standard cutaways of a can. All in all, a really fun project to work on, and so far everything has been really well received. GO THE MIGHTY WARRIORS!! 


Here’s a couple of quickies….

I shot this lil ditty alongside a few other shooters at Auckland airport the other week. Cool lil concept, Gold Coast Tourism gave away a bunch of packages in the form of a lil game show at the luggage carousel. Great to work with old TV3 colleague Jon Bridges, and the whole project was pulled together by Whero Films. 

Ka Pai

And I whipped up this nugget for Volcom Australasia. It was a great evening, and super interesting to see the creative influences that go into their ladies clothing ranges and creative branding. Choice as. 

UPDATE: The link isn’t working so check it here! 

Few jobs on the go…

I seem to have mislaid Red Bull Tip To Tail Episode 3. Time to delve into the masses of TB’s and find it!  The other episodes are up now, so grab a cold one and sit back and take it all in. The whole project was great, but I think I SHOT just under 4TB of footage, and that’s RED RAW footage, so unbundled that’s around 6TB or so. Great. 

There’s been a few really great projects on the go as of late. I’ve produced and shot a couple of creatives for Fisher and Paykel New Zealand, featuring some new products that they are releasing later this year. We shot for a day at their premiere products showroom, and it’s all looking really nice and slick. I also got contacted by Volcom Australia, coming onboard to shoot and produce a creative for their girls range creative workshop here in Auckland last week, which was really interesting. 

And I’ve been helping an EX TVNZ colleague with some marketing collateral and video creatives for her new Youth Development Scheme that she has been working on. It’s currently in the pilot stage, but she held a great series of workshops the past school holidays, at the grid in Halsley street, downtown Auckland city. Basically empowering 12-16 year olds about life choices, career possibilities, and real world situations that they may find themselves.

As usual, I’ll be sure to post all of these once they are completed. 

Shooting with The Vodafone Warriors next week for a very special project. That’s all I can say for now. 

Hit me up on haimona@haimonangata.com if you would like to talk about an upcoming project, or if you have any questions. 

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