Haimona Ngata
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America done and dusted!

I’m sitting in the lounge at LAX after two and a bit weeks on the road with Red Bull NZ, here in sunny California! Whew! It’s been HECTIC to say the least! We had a sweet pad in Huntington Beach for the entire time, so it was great to have an actual home base, and get out on missions during the day. I can’t thank my good friend Mike Escamilla enough for showing us some spots, and shooting second angle and drone operator. We had some crazy long days, and did a shit tonne of driving! I’m completely exhausted and am barely keeping my eyes open! I shot the majority of stuff on RED, and some cutaway fish angles on my HPX250. I now have the amazing task of editing up 3 terabytes of RAW footage into a 4 part web series! Great! All in all, an amazing success. I’ll be sure to post the eps once they’re delivered to the Red Bull Media House. Thanks to Graeme Murray for a few sneaky ‘Behind The Scenes’ shots!

Hello and welcome! 

Hi! Welcome to my new website! haha! I had been having a bunch of trouble with my last site, mostly it being hacked and stuff like that, so I’ve moved everything over to this new format! Sweet!
Kept it pretty basic and simple, but I’ll be able to update the blog way easier, which is choice! You can find some of my recent work on the ‘work’ page, and I’ll be adding a bunch of stuff in the next few days or so.

At the moment, I’m just finishing up a few edits, and next week I’m off to america with Red Bull New Zealand for 2 weeks or so, been commissioned to produce a new online series for their young BMX guy from here, Jaden Leeming. It should be a blast, with lots of shoots in the schedule already!

Better run, more to come soon!

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