Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Where you been!?

Its been a while between posts, and theres a VERY valid reason, I’ll be posting about it soon, but rest assured, a bunch of updates coming very soon…

Skateboarding baby…

I got pulled in by ad agency, Colenso, here in Auckland, to shoot this lil online TVC for treasures nappies staring New Zealand’s youngest and brightest skateboarding wonderkid, Wyatt Haggitt. The shoot was hilarious, and even though it was a long few hours, Wyatt pulled through like a champion! Feel good factor X 100! 

An Update…

…is well overdue. So, I’ve started a new venture. Well, it’s a venture with an old friend. It’s called wearetenzing. Long story short, my friend Brooke Howard Smith came to me with this crazy idea. Helping professional sporting athletes define their purpose, and ensuring the financial future after they finish their sporting career. It made complete sense to me. Often athletes are chewed up and spat out by organisations and teams they play for, and sometimes by sponsors as well. I’ve seen it happen in my sport of BMX, and I’m lucky to say that it’s never happened to me. So, I’m now ‘Head Of Content’ at wearetenzing. Basically, I’m producing all the moving imagery that will be coming out of wearetenzing, and have a full online edit/colour suite in the offices which are located in Auckland CBD. BUT, more importantly, I’m still doing all my usual freelance work for my usual clients. OR, if you’ve found my website randomly or are keen to work together, then by all means, flick me an email and let’s talk turkey! Haimona@haimonangata.com.

Check out the video below that I produced for our opening evening, and find out more about wearetenzing on the website here.

Below are a few creatives that I produced/directed/shot/edited/graded for one of wearetenzing’s clients, Cure Kids. These were for their 45 year anniversary celebrations, and feature some key researchers and moments in cure kids history of child health care. We shot these over two days, on RED, to punch into close shots from the wides, and spent roughly 7 days or so in post. All cut in Premiere and online in Davinci Resolve. 

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