Few lil updates

Hi there, I haven’t done any updates for a little while, so here we go! Number 1:

The great thing about riding for Vans here in New Zealand, and being a director/camera/editor is working on sweet projects with them. For this lil chestnut, we turned the actual Vans NZ shoe warehouse into a temporary skate spot, with the help of a few bits of wood and some imagination. I shot most of this on the Panasonic HPX250 with the Century Xtreme Death Lens, and the long lens shots on RED. All in all, it came out great, oh, and I used my brothers band as the sound track as well. cool one!

Here’s the first two episodes of Red Bull Makin’ It.

Here’s the first two episodes of the series I’ve Directed/Shot/Edited/Graded for Red Bull NZ. Another two to go, and then I think the plan is to cut together a 24minute episode for SKYTV here in New Zealand. The first two episodes have had some great coverage, and EP 3 is about to drop in the next day or so!

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