Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Red Bull #Ratpack - Episode 3

Here’s the last episode for the series I produced for Red Bull New Zealand. Fun time had by all, and a not too hectic post-production schedule meant I could spend a bit more time on each episode. 

Gear Update….

Been meaning to do this for a while now, but I’ll be updating my ‘GEAR’ page on my site soon, with rates included, but just to give you a heads up, these are the current tools that I offer for projects….

- DJI Inspire Drone - 4K enabled.

- RED Scarlet Digital Cinema Camera Kit - 4K - Incl production accessories.

- Go Pro Hero Black - 4K Incl production accessories.

- Canon 5D Markii - 4K Time-lapse camera.

- 2 X Yeshica Super 8 Cameras - Images processed to HD.

(Not pictured - DJI Ronin Gimball)

I’ve got film in stock for the super 8 cameras, and turnaround time for processing is roughly 1 week. Super stoked to be shooting more projects on super 8. It will always have an amazing look that will never be able to be emulated by digital. 

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