Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Been busy…again…

SO here we are. Its been a super busy past few months, and I’ve had a load of great projects on the go. 

Wrapping a few things up right now but here’s a quick list of things that are about to be released. 

- Te Hononga - A series on the ‘urban drift’ of different iwi from rural areas to Auckland. I was brought on as DOP/Editor, and this series is being produced for radio Waatea/Auckland city council. 

- Soft Skills - You’ve got them - A series for the ministry of education about some everyday skills that young teens are using, that are super valuable to potential employers. I was brought on as the director & editor.

- Shimano X Nelson MTB Club - a couple of videos produced for NZ MTB magazine, on a recent trip to Nelson featuring the new group set from Shimano. DOP/Director/Edit

There’s a few others on the go too, but more about that soon, as well as a BIG announcement. 

As usual I’ll be sure to post everything when they’re done! 

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