Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Lil BMX edit…

I’ve been working on this edit off and on for the past year. Between other commitments, Josh’s schedule, and the fact that he lived in Hamilton, it was challenging to say the least. The stars aligned now and again, and this video is the fruit of that labour. Josh has been offered a opportunity that not many people get, a chance to represent an international brand here in New Zealand, and travel all over the world as a member of the Premium pro team. I was lucky that an old friend from Australia, Colin Mackay, who now resides in California, is the premium team manager, and he reached out to me to work with Josh. Hopefully we’ll be working on some more creatives for the brand soon. I shot most of this on the panasonic HPX with Xtreme fish, and a lil bit on RED here and there. I also engaged my friends from SUNG to use their music as the backing track. Keep It Local! Good as! 

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