Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Fr Fr Fr Friday!!!

Holy Mackerel, it’s Friday! Who would’ve thought! ha ha! 

As usual, been all over the show, hence it’s been a while between posts! I’ve been working on some great content for a variety of different clients recently, I’ll attempt to put them in a list, with a description!

 - Hyundai “Power Off’ Weekend. I was engaged by Film Construction to come aboard and edit up a few creatives surrounding Hyundai NZ’s power off weekend. They shot with Nigel Latta over a Saturday, and the creatives were required the following Wednesday. I got all the raw files handed to me, (C300) with no real brief, so just swung into it and cut by ‘feel’ The client dug the edits, and there were only minor changes. Cut in FCP7 and onlined in Davinci. 

ANZ - Dream Big Campaign. Again, another job for Film Construction. ANZ are making over rugby clubs all over the country, and some of these had/were being filmed and made into online creatives, as well as a TVC. Again, I got handed a few TB’s of raw footage, with no edit/ingest notes. That’s fine by me, having worked in same-day turnaround television for over 10 years, I’m kind of used to being thrown a tape/drive and told ‘Just try and make something cool…’ I recall sometimes being given a few tapes that were shot that afternoon and told It has to be on air in an hour…in 10 years of post production I’ve never missed a deadline. I also shot an upcoming episode, Devonport rugby club to be precise, which was great. That’s the bonus of being an all in one Director/Shooter/Editor I can plan the edit out in my head while I’m shooting. They’re online soon so I’ll be sure to update this post. 

Smokefree Rockquest Profile - I got buzzed by my buds at Commotion about coming onboard to DOP a profile piece for an upcoming episode of Smokefree Rockquest 2015. We were in Opoutere for a few days, which is in the coromandel. I shot it all on RED, It was a great shoot, and the artist was super talented, and again, I’ll be sure to post that once It’s been on air. 

CFFC NZ - Money Week. Got buzzed by an old colleague from TVNZ about helping her out on a small job that they were working on one Monday morning here in Auckland. I zipped down with the HPX250, 5D and a go pro. Edited and online within a day. Sweet! 

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