Haimona Ngata
Video Content Production

Couple ‘O’ Things…


Here’s a couple of jobs that I recently finished up. The first is a little clip with Red Bull NZ Kayaker Ben Brown. Last year, Ben tore his shoulder kayaking off a waterfall overseas, so has spent the past 6 months or so healing up and doing re-hab. He buzzed me a while ago, asking if I could get some drone shots of him dropping the Wairua falls, which is not far from Whangarei. He was working with 3rd Degree, a entertainment show on TV3. They were shooting a ‘comeback’ piece with him. I said ‘Why don’t we just shoot a lil clip for Red Bull at the same time’ and the rest, as they say, is history. Shot all this on the RED, and the DJI Phantom 2, with the go pro attached. Luckily, Ben is a GoPro athlete as well, so there was no shortage of GoPro angles!!!

The second, is a lil TVC for New Zealand Post. I was contacted by my buds over at Commotion, about coming onboard to DOP the TVC. That turned into edit and grade as well, which was fine by me. All in all, a really fun shoot to be apart of. We decided to keep the lighting to a minimum, so mainly bounced and diffused lights to achieve a flat but natural look. I shot this on RED, with the Canon 24-105, a really fast and versatile zoom lens. Offlined in FCP and onlined in Davinci. Good as. 

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