Additional Services

If required I can provide stills photography, marketing management & social expertise, and extensive audio engineering VIA my network of work colleagues listed below. 

I can provide you with a fully integrated and streamline project management plan from start to finish. 

Photography - Jake Mein

Jake is my go to guy if a client is requiring stills photography on a project. We have worked together on a number of projects, and he can service studio, portrait, product, and lifestyle photography. His clients include: 

Nike, Bitchslap, Bloomberg Businessweek, Levi's, Corona, Chorus, Brixton, Monster Children Creative, Creature, Manual, Transfer, Assignment. 

Media & Marketing - Krager

Krager are good friends of mine who can provide solid and robust solutions for all areas of online marketing, SEO, content placement, social media directive and management. 

Audio Post - Depot Sound

Depot sound are based in Devonport, Auckland, and take care of all aspects of my audio and sound post production providing finished mixed to industry standards for either online or broadcast.  

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